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As Oregon’s Emergency Manager, I have attended dozens of lectures, presentations, and seminars on the Cascadia threat. Steve Eberlein’s is one of the most innovative, engaging and informative that I’ve seen.

Andrew Phelps

Director, Oregon Office of Emergency Management

Igniting Enduring Cultures of Earthquake Preparedness Through:

       Expert Panel       events

Community presentations that reach 500+ people can be a preparedness game-changer, especially in towns outside the main population centers. Tipping Point Resilience would like to partner with your town to arrange a venue, an expert panel and a promotion plan that will light a fire under your community. Check out our event in Klamath. 

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Are you looking to engage your real estate clients, neighborhood association or office co-workers in a transformational conversation about earthquake preparedness? The Neighborhood Edition of the Tipping Point presentation combines Steve’s skills as a presenter with Lydia’s experience as a community mediator to help your group formulate real preparedness and family reunification plans.


Tipping Point delivers free presentations to targeted groups in the Greater Portland Area. We favor groups that are able to mobilize a large crowd that may not otherwise have access to this important preparedness message, especially non-profits and schools. Check out our Newsroom to see if there’s already a community event scheduled near you. 


Tipping Point Resilience Format: 45 – 90-minute live presentation

The standard 90-minute presentation covers the following:

  • A personal account of the Boxing Day Tsunami in Sri Lanka
  • How we unwittingly propagate a culture of unpreparedness
  • The science and history of your local earthquake zone
  • Human instincts, group behavior, and the danger of “amygdala hijack”
  • “Drop/cover/hold-on” and other shaking scenarios
  • Securing household and office furniture
  • An unforgettable earthquake drill
  • Tsunami preparedness and evacuation
  • The infrastructural impact of a major seismic event
  • Earthquakes, camping and preparedness culture
  • Live review of kit contents, item by item
  • Creating a family plan and building courage for tough conversations
  • Igniting a preparedness movement in your community

past and upcoming conference appearances

“There’s likely not a person in the Pacific Northwest who’s prepared more people for the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake than Steve Eberlein has.”

Tripp Robinson

Intel – Emergency Manager

“As Oregon’s Emergency Manager, I have attended dozens of lectures, presentations, and seminars on the Cascadia threat. Steve Eberlein’s is one of the most innovative, engaging and informative that I’ve seen.”

Andrew Phelps

Director, Oregon Office of Emergency Management

“I thoroughly enjoyed Steve’s presentation at the Association of Continuity Professionals (ACP) Conference. He is a gifted presenter as well as a passionate speaker on a very important, under-served topic.”

Scott Ream

ACP National Board Chairperson

“I highly recommend Steven Eberlein to anyone who wants to have a great presentation on earthquake resiliency in the Pacific Northwest. I worked with him for many years at the Red Cross, and his presentations were superb and engaging! They got people to rise to a level of action that got themselves ready. All of the ideas he presents are superb! He is a talented speaker!”

Professor of Geology, Portland State University

ACP National Board Chairperson

“Our employees left the event extremely impressed by the quality of Steve’s presentation, and how he shared his own personal experience with natural disasters. They also expressed how they already had action items to work on to get prepared.”

Annette Navarro

Corporate Giving and Volunteering, Daimler Trucks North America

“Since experiencing Steven’s presentation, people at every level of my company have taken solid steps towards personal preparation and business continuity. Even with my best efforts, I don’t think the preparedness conversation would be as widespread or as informed had it not been for seeing Steven’s presentation themselves.”

Mack Stanley

Environmental, Health, and Safety Manager

“All I have to say is…wow!!! Although I had seen his TEDx Talk and knew what a great speaker he was, Steve’s simply tremendous live and in person. And more importantly, I think he had a serious influence on the attendees of our disaster symposium. His presentation was informative, incredibly engaging and action-oriented — exactly what our audience needs and loves.”

Dr. Jennifer Dimoff

Assistant Professor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Portland State University

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